Please read this END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (EULA), herein referred to as “User Agreement” very carefully before purchasing any software as it comes to effect after installation of said software. By installing and using software, you agree to the terms and conditions in this user agreement. This agreement is subject to litigation and any legal processes, and is legally binding. Do not download and install software unless you explicitly agree to the terms in this agreement.

You retain the right to notify any use of the target device of the presence of monitoring software on their device. Failing to do so could be illegal in your jurisdiction and may expose you to litigation that could be costly. You will also notify the target device’s owner that you intend to use for legal purposes only.

Installation of Software on any Device is subject to the following terms:

License Coverage gives you a limited license of use when you purchase the program. This license cannot be transferred or revoked. You are bound to do the following;

Install on devices you own subject to the type of license you have purchased. Use the information made available to you in the control panel after careful review. Use the software to monitor a specific app or cloud-based information. Avoid using to monitor any apps or information that you don’t have a legal right to monitor. Avoid using the software on a cloud-based platform that gives you the right to use many devices not explicitly covered by the terms of the license that you purchased. It is your responsibility to determine the legal rights you have to any app, account or program that you are using to monitor. Legal Designation software will only be provided to a user who has the legal right to monitor a device, program or application. You will be in violation of the terms and conditions if you install the software on a device or application that you do not legally own and you will be liable to any corresponding legal proceeding including any monetary, criminal and civil sanctions that may arise from such action.

Improper Use of By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree that you will not use to defame, threaten, defame, harass, abuse, stalk or infringe on the right to privacy of others. You also agree that you are liable for any damages that may arise from the improper use of this software.

We reserve the right to provide uninstallation instructions to anyone who may complain that has been installed improperly on their device without prior notice to you.

As an account holder, the data you provide to us is encrypted and cannot be disclosed unless in compliance with law enforcement or other legal processes.