Sent & Received Messages

With Spyzie Phone Tracker, you can view all text messages sent and received on the target device. You can track all chats and latest messages in real time.

Deleted Text Messages

Spyzie gives you easy access to all text messages on your dashboard, even deleted ones. This means you won’t miss any valuable text messages.

Track Files Attached to the Messages

Spyzie lets you view any photos and videos from the target device. This includes other SMS messages on social media.

SMS & MMS Log Detail

Besides the content of the text message, you can also view the date and time when the text message was sent or received.

View sent and received text messages readily

Checking one’s message exchanges can be convenient in various aspects. If you share this perspective, it’s time to introduce KidsGuard Pro, an SMS tracker, allowing you to read text messages remotely without being noticed. Gain insights into who they are texting and the details of the messages. Stay alert for anything unusual that may arise.

What makes it necessary to track SMS messages

The necessity of tracking SMS messages arises in various contexts. For parents, it’s a way to ensure the safety of kids during online interactions. In business settings, monitoring is essential to identify and prevent potential insider threats or suspicious activities. Opt for a stable and discreet tracking solution to effortlessly view all text messages and achieve peace of mind.